Thursday, April 5, 2012

Aero Evo

Greetings fellow Pterosaurphiles,

Just a quick note that I have just launched a blog called "Aero Evo":

This is a new blogging endeavor of mine, and my first solo run at it.  Those that have worked with me in the past know that I sporadically post to H2VP and the Blog.

This blog will differ substantially from what I have done previously.  First and foremost, I will be specifically discussing animal flight - particularly the evolution of flight - this naturally includes the ins and outs of pterosaur flight.  The format is also going to be different form what I have done in the past. I have designed this blog to be a rapid-fire, regularly updated feed.  I expect to post something almost every day (holidays and such excepted, of course). Posts will typically be quite short - when I have something more lengthy to say, I will link over to H2VP or  In this way, the site is designed for something of a micro-blogging approach (though not as micro as Twitter... maybe it's a milliblog?  centiblog?)  I do anticipate linking in a Twitter account, as well as other social networking tools in the near future (Twitter account should be active within the next week).

I opened with a string of seven posts, so there is already content there to read.  One of them is even about pterosaurs! I may cross-post a longer version of that discussion here when time allows.