Monday, April 14, 2014

Additional pterosaurs of the AMNH

You may be aware that there is currently a major new pterosaur exhibition opening at the American Museum of Natural History, entitled Pterosaurs: flight in the age of the dinosaurs. In addition to their existing collection going on show, a number of key specimens have been borrowed from China and Brazil in particular and there is new art, animations and life models of specimens.

Somewhat inevitably the crew are involved in at least some ways. I know that Mark has had an input on the reconstructions, and that Mike has talked to them about take off and flight. I've also heard that both terrestrial stalking an azhdarchids (from Mark and Darren) and floating posture (my recent work with Don Henderson) also get a look in as part of the displays, so even very new research is in there.

Here we are blessed with a few photos from the exhibit courtesy of reader Steve Cohen who is a volunteer there. Steve has generously taken photos before from the museum and passed them on, and here are a few more for the collection. Featured are Wukongopterus, Tapejara, Thalassodromeus and some other wonderful Brazilian and U.S. specimens, and I know material from the Solnhofen (including the dark wing, outside of Germany for the first time), pterosaurs tracks and even the first described egg are also on show. At least a couple of pterosaur researchers are planning a visit given the diversity of material and I hope to join the pilgrimage to see some of this stuff in the flesh. My thanks to Steve for taking the time to take these and send them on.