Thursday, December 10, 2009

Welcome to the Pterosaur.Net blog

This blog is intended to act as a the 'current' and ongoing section for pterosaur information to compliment the main Pterosaur.Net site. The mainsite is there to proivde a general introduction to pterosaurs for the general public and while it will be updated periodically and new content will be added, the blog here is supposed to be far more dynamic.

Many of the Pterosaur.Net team run their own blogs (like Darren Naish and Mark Witton) and cover pterosaurs regularly in their pages. However, this blog provides a forum for all our pterosaur-related posts to come together. The idea being that pterosaur-bloggers can cross post this pterosaur related content directly onto this site and those who don't normally blog can pitch in too. Thus a whole raft of pterosaur experts should be putting in a whole raft of posts, comments, discussions and general information on those most interesting of Mesozoic flying vertebrates (birds? pah!).

If you have not found it already, then do head over to the main part of where you can get to grips with pterosaurs properly and read about the research of the people contributing here. Please do come back and do link to us and enjoy the site.