Saturday, March 20, 2010

Update of Flugsaurier 2010 Beijing

Two minor updates have come through on this meeting from Lu Jungchang so I thought I should put them here:

"Hello everyone, please pay attention to the following two changes about the pterosaur symposium:

1. Abstract deadline (May 15):

We have just received news that abstracts for Flugsaurier 2010 will be published in the Journal . In order to ensure that everyone has enough time to prepare and submit abstracts we have decided to postpone the deadline for abstract submission to May 15. Please note that the page limit is now set at 4 pages. All other details remain as in the second circular.

2. Invitation letter.

If you need an invitation letter in order to secure a visa please make sure that you send us your passport details".

And finally since people don't seem to have quite picked up on this. DO NOT E-MAIL ME WITH YOUR QUESTIONS. I am helping out with the organisation but any questions should go to Dave Unwin or Lu Jungchang, not me.

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  1. Hi Dave,

    I thought this information would be useful for other readers:

    the payment can be done at the registration desk, without extra charges.

    And... great thing there's a new abstract deadline! :)