Sunday, March 6, 2011

Catching up

While we do try on to bring you the best of new pterosaur research, the fact that most of us blog independently of this site and have various other commitments means we aren't always quite as prompt as we should be, even for big stories. Thus while between us we did cover the amazing new specimen of a Darwinopterus preserved in association with an egg in several ways, we never actually wrote about it on here.

This specimen was described by longtime friend Lu Jungchang (pictured above in front of his poster of a putative male and female Darwinopterus by our own Mark Witton) who also organised the 2010 pterosaur meeting in Beijing. 'JC' has been kind enough to let us use various photos of his specimens in the past and in this case let me have some extra photos for my post on this topic over at the Archosaur Musings. Meantime, Darren Naish has been blogging on the implications for pterosaur dimoprhism and behaviour over on Tetrapod Zoology so check them out for more details.

If you do want something a bit more recent though, I'm back at the IVPP in Beijing temporarily and lots of pterosaur specimens are currently on display. That lets me start up a special 'Pterosaur Week' so keep coming back on my site for the next few days and you can begin your tour with Haopterus.

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