Monday, March 12, 2012

Talk at the Royal Tyrrell Museum

Last week, I gave a pterosaur talk at the world famous Royal Tyrrell Museum, in Alberta, Canada.  The museum has its own YouTube Channel and has made my talk freely available here:

They also have a series of previous talks by other researchers recorded and available.




  1. Hm. Link above seems to be broken. This one works for me

  2. Yes, I was just about to update it myself. They reloaded the talk, this time with the Q&A section at the end included. The URL changed as a result. Thanks Laelaps!

  3. Brilliant, I have dial up so will have to check the video out later, I can only do one thing at a time. I love the Royal Tyrrell Museum and have been many times! I regret not going into paleontology.

  4. Excellent talk, Mike. It felt like it took no time at all, a good sign. Frankly, it was good enough to justify my ISP's bill for the month!

    On the other hand, I started it at 1:30am and couldn't pull myself away, so it's your fault I'm going to be tired tomorrow.

    In a wealth of fascinating information, the bit I found most interesting was the bit about the unrefueled range of the azhdarchids. The more we (by which I mean guys like you!) find out about pterosaurs the more amazing they are. It's a great time to be alive!


    Mike from Ottawa

  5. Thank you Michael! That is quite flattering. I have lost my share of sleep over pterosaurs, as well. Something compelling about them.