Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some pterosaur related goodness

As people might know, I've recently started blogging for the website of The Guardian newspaper in the U.K. Coupled with the Musings, and my occasional contributions to other sites like the 21st Floor means that I can be spread a bit too thin these days. As such I'm rather behind on here, despite rather obviously having some top pterosaur-related goodness that I should be talking about.

Most obviously, just a week ago, my first paper come out in which I named a pterosaur. Named Bellubrunnus, this is an absolutely stunning specimen - I mean, just look at it. Inevitably there's a series of posts by me on it and it's implications for pterosaur evolution (here, here, here and finally here). Best of all, the paper is in PLoS ONE and so freely available to all who want to read it.

More recently, contributor Luis Rey has set up a blog for his new artwork. One of the first things he's done is a brand new image of Darwinopterus coming in to land on a tree trunk based on a conversation we'd had and a sketch I knocked up for him. Two versions are actually out there and you can catch up with them here and here.

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