Saturday, October 19, 2013

Quetzy flying high

 I've just returned from a very quick trip to Germany, dropping in at the Solnhofen Museum, Jura Museum Eichstaett and then onto Frankfurt in just 3 days. The primary purpose was actually looking at birds ad various feathered creatures but of course I took in more than a few pterosaurs too. There's a few more photos to come on that score including one extraordinarily important specimen that few will have seen and many will not even have heard of. In the meantime though, have a tanking great azhdarchid.

This one is beautifully mounted and is several meters off the ground in the main hall of the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt and all but soars about the dinosaurs. Rather nicely one can stand almost right under it as well as seeing it from near eye-level from the higher balconies of the galleries above. Plenty of museums now have a cast / sculpt like this of a giant azhdarchid / Quetzalcoatlus, but this is a nice one (if imperfect) and while this may sound odd, it's nice that it is so high up in the rafters, it still looks big from ground level, but it gives a better sense of scale when you get to its level and discover that it is clearly even larger than it looked from below.


  1. A suggestion for a future blog post: what museums have the best pterosaur displays? I'd like to hear about museums which have both displays of fossils and of reconstructions.I might plan a future holiday around the results.

    1. I love that idea and would pike to tack on one additional idea. Special note given to museums with terrestrial pterisaur displays. It's all well and good to mount them flying, but doing nothing but that is like never showing a bird walking around, it only tells part of the story. Anyway, that picture makes me want to locate, and visit, a nearby natural history museum. Thank you.

  2. Great suggestion Mr Adequate.

    In terms of viewing and placement, that exhibit specimen is stellar! It's a shame that the anatomy is so poor. I suspect they sculpted it off of the old Wellnhofer book, rather than from the more recent measure-based reconstructions. Ah well. At least it looks cool!

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